Success Stories

My daughter has been dancing since she was three and when she was eight she moved to Dance Unlimited, a decision we have never looked back on. All the teachers are lovely, she is treated as an individual, not just a number, and encouraged to fulfil her potential. There are so many opportunities here to develop and so many older students to look up to, who are such fantastic role models. The teachers are so approachable, friendly and talented and the watching week is a fab idea! Thanks for all your continued support.


My daughter has been dancing here for 3 months. She started a ballet class to aid her gymnastics. She was feeling way to pressured doing 7.5 hours per week at just 5 in a gymnastics squad she decided to try acro here and she absolutely loves it. She’s since quit her gymnastics squad and is doing the ballet and acro, she’s excited for class every week and her teacher is fantastic she really looks up to her. Dance unlimited is a great environment for children, the lessons are structured yet fun and the teaching staff are all very professional.


My daughter started last year doing the Angelina Ballerina classes and has really enjoyed it. She took part in the show and the difference in her confidence from when she first started was so nice to see. The emphasis on having fun and building confidence really shows in all the children. Becky and her team are so lovely and always really helpful. I would definitely recommend!


A lovely team with exceptionally talented teachers who are passionate to work with children. My daughter has grown in confidence and personality since she started doing ballet with DU. The most memorable moments for her are the annual productions where the children get the opportunity to perform on stage with gorgeous costumes. Last but not least, alongside teaching ballet, the DU team is unique and supports lots of charities.


My daughter has been been dancing here for over 4 years and she loves it. The teachers are great, patient, experienced and fun, and she has made some wonderful friends.


My little girl Olivia was a very shy person! She started Angelina ballerina earlier on in the year and she absolutely adored it but she then went into full time school, and recently started ballet on a Saturday morning! It’s made her into such a confident little girl she talks more and shows herself off so much more and that is all thanks to the amazing teachers here! Olivia loves them all! Such lovely people if you want your daughter or son to go anywhere you need to bring them to dance unlimited!


My daughter has been dancing here since she was three, it has become her favourite place to be apart from home. The staff are so friendly and not only do they make all the classes fun they really want to help those who show a real interest and potential in dance to reach their full potential. Would highly recommend.


A fantastic, friendly and welcoming dance school. My daughter has been dancing here for 3 years and absolutely loves it. The teachers are fabulous and she has so much fun and is learning so much. I highly recommend this dance school.


I was concerned that it would be really strict, especially for my then 3 year old but it’s a really fun place to be, we don’t feel pressured, things aren’t unnecessarily formal but the standard of teaching and therefore dancing is very high.


Really friendly staff, fun classes, excellent range of props to keep the smallest dancers engaged. All three of my children really enjoy their classes at DU and my eldest two loved being part of the show.


My daughter always comes out of her ballet class smiling. Dance Unlimited is so friendly and inclusive and have enabled my daughters confidence to flourish.


Anabelle was a reserved little girl before attending the Angelina Ballerina dance class. She was always unsure and nervous in new situations and around people that were unfamiliar to her. I was concerned before joining Dance Unlimited that the classes would be too strict for a 3 year old and lack an element of fun.

Attending Dance Unlimited has been one of the best decisions I have made for my daughter. The classes are fun and exciting whilst still encouraging and rewarding positive behaviour. The class sizes are small and the teachers are nurturing and professional in their approach. The best thing about Dance Unlimited and the reason we attend is the owner, Miss Becky. She is passionate about teaching dance and this is evident in everything she does. She is encouraging, knowledgeable and has a ton of patience and dedication.

Since Anabelle has been attending classes at Dance Unlimited she has gained in confidence and made new friends along the way. Now she begs me to take her to classes!

Charlene Shaw

Lily was an already relatively confident girl and expressed an interest in dancing after friends children attended other dance classes. However, I had reservations as they seemed rather strict for 3 year olds. I wanted somewhere that as well as a professional approach also appreciated that little ones just wanted to have fun and ‘play’ at ballerinas.

I believe introducing dancing to really young ones and to encourage them to continue further is to make it fun at the start and including Angelina Ballerina does this. Lily loves her classes and has become fond of Miss Becky. In addition has developed a keen interest in dancing and her motor skills have come on leaps and bounds (she can now skip properly!).

I know the inclusion of Disney/popular songs has a lot to do with her enthusiasm as who doesn’t want to dance thinking you are an actual princess or real ballerina?! The show was the highlight, the overall success was felt by everyone.

Jayney Needham

Neither of my daughters had danced before but were very keen to learn. I was pleased with how friendly and relaxed Dance Unlimited was. My eldest daughter had wanted to primarily learn ballet when we first started coming but we tried Tiny Tappers & Min Movers too and she just loved that as soon as she started. Now both of my daughters take ballet and tap and can’t dance enough. My younger daughter is shy but she loves coming; when she does occasionally get upset, the teachers are very good with her and she’s enjoying herself again before you know it.

The dance show in July was a big highlight and we still talk about it all the time. The girls have also made friends through coming to class and it’s been lovely to see how happy they are to see friends when they arrive for class. One of the best things about coming to Dance Unlimited is realising how much the girls love to dance and their sheer enjoyment of dancing. Or maybe confidence: performing in the dance show, on stage, in front of an audience, with her friends, was one of the highlights of my daughter’s life.


Jessica had never been to any performance classes before Dance Unlimited, however she danced and sang her way through the day, so we decided to give dancing a try. I was worried that Jessica wouldn’t settle, or be clingy at first, but Becky took her by the hand and she never looked back.

We have never had any issues with settling in (even when we’ve swapped classes, or teachers) or anything other than excitement about impending classes. Jessica has loved every minute of dancing to date, she loves to come and we have moved from just doing Angelina Ballerina to Tiny Tappers as well. She adores the teachers, the music, the other children, she had a ball doing her first show and confidence has grown significantly.

I can see real progression in her dancing and dedication. When we started she used the jump around on the spot and run haphazardly around the studio, however she now has self discipline, listens and follows instruction well, and is starting to learn specific moves. We have both made some wonderful friends along the way.

Katy Hinton

Before coming to Dance Unlimited Liffy really liked to dance all the time and was showing a lot of interest in ballet in particular. Liffy has been taking Angelina Ballerina and Tiny Tappers/Mini Movers dance classes at Dance Unlimited since January 2014 and she really enjoys her classes.

I had no reservations about Liffy starting dance classes as she is very sociable and was really looking forward to going! I was a little worried however that she might have got stage fright at the show in July but my worries were unfounded as she turned out to be a great little performer and had lots of fun during the show weekend!

Enrolling was easy and we even got free taster sessions to see if Liffy liked the classes. Miss Becky and the other teachers are very friendly and helpful and they are brilliant with the children. One of the best things about Liffy attending Dance Unlimited is seeing my budding ballerina/tiny tapper enjoy herself every week.

Heather Sawrey

My 4 year old daughter is very shy and is hearing impaired, the ballet class has really helped her confidence in the short time she has been attending, she loves every minute!


Alicia loved to dance at home so we decided to join Dance Unlimited and it was the best decision ever.

At first I was worried as I thought the classes would be strict, but it’s not. Alicia’s confidence has grown so much as has her interest in ballet and she really enjoys going to classes.

Ganelle Griffiths

My son absolutely loves his Saturday morning dancing and the show was amazing!

Jorja Gill

We tired other baller schools but our daughter found them too serious and didn’t enjoy it.

Dance Unlimited was a breath of fresh air, making dancing enjoyable again and my daughter can’t wait to come back each week.

Matt Colton

My daughter Isla loves her dance classes! Lots of fun, would recommend!

Gale McPherson

My daughter started classes a few weeks before her third birthday and loved it instantly.

It is the highlight of her week. She loves to dress up in her tutu and ballet shoes and go to class, then come home and give us a demo.

I would highly recommend the classes.

Laura Glover

My daughter goes to the Angelina and Tiny Tappers class, she loves it!

She is currently sat practicing her good and naughty toes.

Laura Walker

My eldest daughter Amber had a tendency to be quiet and shy. However, Amber loved the idea of trying ballet, although a big part for her was the attraction of a twirly tutu and special ballet slippers! Having two daughters, it was no surprise that Ava, age 2 wanted to be part of the action too! The two girls couldn’t be more different – Ava is confident, cheeky & very strong minded but also rather delicate, agile and for her age.

After Googling local ballet schools my heart sank. Uniform, examinations, ‘groomed hair’, expectations for behaviour and attendance in beginners classes and generally an overall stuffiness and formality that somehow seemed inappropriate for a 2 and 4 year old.Luckily, I came across Angelina Ballerina at Dance Unlimited. It really did tick all the boxes. Dancing interspersed with Angelina stories, dancing with props like wands and scarves. A suitable length for the age group and the freedom to wear what you liked! But most of all, an emphasis on fun and enjoyment with the absolute highlight of the term being the chance to meet and dance with Angelina herself.

Becky couldn’t have been more flexible allowing the girls to attend the same class. Of course, I had my reservations. Would Ava listen and behave and was her attention span good enough? Would Amber be tired after a week at school without more learning at a weekend? I needn’t have worried. Both girls love it and are keen and eager to attend.

Amber has grown in confidence being happy to be seen at the front of the group rather than hiding at the back. She has learned the importance of exercise and good posture, can move in time and follows instructions beautifully to perform a simple routine.

Ava has calmed down somewhat. Instead of being like a little whirlwind she can now listen to and follow instructions and is less distracted. She is still a lively, enthusiastic and excitable little girl but lining up to curtesy and waiting to dance with Angelina have been beneficial in improving both her patience and turn taking skills.

It’s difficult to pinpoint just one best thing about coming to DU. As a mum, it’s simply the pure enjoyment and smiles on their little faces when they dance, It’s the feeling of being so proud I could burst when I can see that they have cracked a particular routine, are dancing in time or in a particularly expressive way and are generally making progress under Miss Becky’s calm and patient tutoring. As an aside, Miss Becky totally taps into what little girls love- dancing to songs from the Frozen sound track being a case in point! But my absolute favourite thing has to be the ‘Dancing Through Wonderland’ show that the girls were lucky to be part of. What a fantastic opportunity to be part of a professional production on a proper stage at such a young age and to totally pull it off! I don’t think the girls, our wider family who came to watch, or we will ever forget it!

Amanda Livesey

Before coming to Dance Unlimited Maya had attended a local dance school previously but I felt the style of teaching and productions were out dated so was looking for a dance school with a more contemporary approach.

I had been recommended by my sister as my niece had attended and Dance Unlimited got rave reviews! Dance Unlimited is brilliant! Really professional, friendly and efficient.

Maya absolutely loves it! She has fun and is progressing with her dancing skills and abilities by the day. The one best result is seeing how much more confident Maya is now, particularly from being part of such a fantastic show.


Mum of Maya

Before joining Dance Unlimited my daughter wasn’t enjoying dancing anymore at her previous dance school and felt she wasn’t progressing. I also didn’t feel I was getting value for money.

I had been recommended Dance Unlimited and Becky invited Chloe along for a free assessment to access what level she was at.

Working with Dance Unlimited has been very good – Chloe is now much happier and more confident and because she is happy I am happy.


Mum of Chloe