Toddlers & Pre Schoolers

Toddlers & Pre Schoolers

Toddlers & Pre Schoolers

Toddlers & Pre Schoolers

Toddlers & Pre Schoolers

Toddlers & Pre Schoolers

Toddlers & Pre Schoolers

Toddlers & Pre Schoolers

Our Toddler & Pre School dance programme at Dance Unlimited is varied, fun and engaging, designed especially by our team of teachers after years of experience and expertise in this area.

We adore our toddlers & pre schoolers and love helping them take their first steps in the dance studio, discovering the magical world of music, movement and dance. Together with inspiring, varied and modern music, imaginative props and the most caring and creative teachers we create an experience for your child to develop their confidence, make new friends, express themselves all through learning to dance.

Our programme for pre schoolers and the early years develops and builds key dance and life skills throughout the year. It is progressive, fun and varied resulting in a well rounded dance curriculum. We want to give our pupils a mixture of experiences and have developed a programme that allows two different dance styles in one class to be explored or the option to mix it up and try everything!

Unlimited Tinies

Age 6 – 18 months (or confident walkers)

Join in the fun at our Tines classes for your little ones first step into dancing from 6 months to 18 months (or confident walkers). A fun, friendly and imaginative introduction to the world of music and dance which supports early development. Each class involves music and singing, an engaging multi-sensory activity, nursery rhymes, a signed song, dancing to pop music and lots of other varied activities.

With lots of different props such as instruments, soft toys, trampolines, scarfs and the oh so popular bubble machine, lots of fun filled memories are bound to be made! A great way to bond with your little one and help with coordination, motor skills and develop an early love for music and dance.

Unlimited Tots

Age 18 months (or confident walkers) – 3 years

Our Unlimited Tots class is a ‘parent & me’ class for those eager tots who just love to dance but aren’t quite old enough for a class by themselves.

Unlimited Tots is designed to introduce your little one to the magical world of dance, music and storytelling. Each week they’ll twirl through a dance and music adventure that will put a bounce in their step and a smile on their face. A fun class perfect those energetic tots aged approx 18 months upwards.

At 3 years old our pre school children can move into our Mini’s programme. These classes are designed to continue to develop confidence and self expression but encourage independence away from mum or dad ready for starting school! Our beautiful pre schoolers can take one class or experience all dance styles and take both Twirl & Tap and Tumble & Twist. The choice is yours!

Mini Twirl

Perfect of 3-4 year olds

Our Twirl & Tap is a combo class where our budding stars start to learn the basics of both ballet & tap. This 45 minute class follows the adventures and stories of Angelina Ballerina and her friends where we learn how to leap, pile, jump and of course twirl! Children also get their first experience in tap dancing learning how to march like a soldier, stamp like a dinosaur and make rhythms and sounds with the hands and feet. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Dance Unlimited class without a bit of extra magic and sparkle and our Twirl & Tappers get regular visits from Angelina Ballerina, stickers, certificates, gifts and regular parent watching weeks.

Mini Tumble

For acrobats aged 3-4 years old

Tumble & Twist is an energetic, exciting and upbeat combo class incorporating jazz dance and acrobatics. We teach lots of different jazz styles including pop and street dance all whilst developing imaginations by flying like a superhero or dancing with pompoms like a cheerleader to lots of different music. Our fantastic acrobatics programme is designed specifically for pre schoolers by Acrobatic Arts and is a fun, progressive and imaginative introduction to acro for little ones. Learning all the basics from forward rolls, cartwheel preparations and cobra stretch to action songs, obstacle courses and working on balance and co ordination. Perfect for kids who love to fling themselves around, jump off the sofas and roll around on the floor!

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