Primary School Aged Dancers

Primary School Aged Dancers

Primary School Aged Dancers

Primary School Aged Dancers

Primary School Aged Dancers

School-age students have the opportunity to choose one or more dance disciplines at Dance Unlimited. Our classes have a focus on fun and building self esteem while teaching young children the important foundations of outstanding dance technique. Our highly skilled friendly teachers ensure we get the best out of each and every child.

We can’t wait for you to come along to a free trial session and join us! Below is a selection of classes we offer for this age group, each taken with friend of a similar age and standard, so that each and every child gets the attention they deserve.

For our little stars who are in Reception or Year 1 at school there are two main programmes to choose from; Twirl & Tap and Tumble & Twist which build upon and progress skills learnt in our pre school classes. Both classes can be taken for a full dance experience or just pick the one most suited to your child’s interests and personality. The choice is yours!

Twirl & Tap

Star 2 perfect for 4 – 5 year olds
Star 3 most suited to 5 – 6 year olds

Our Twirl & Tap is a combo class where our shining stars develop their steps and skills in both ballet & tap. In this 45 minute class our budding ballerinas will twirl through a series of fun and engaging ballet exercises and dance routines that will put a bounce in their step and a smile on their face. In Star 3 children also have the opportunity to take their first ballet exam! Our stars also get to experience tap dancing and will learn how to shuffle, spring and stamp and make rhythms and sounds with the hands and feet. Of course, it wouldn’t be an Unlimited Stars class without a bit of extra magic and sparkle and our Twirl & Tappers get stickers, certificates & activity packs to progress their Unlimited Stars journey!

Tumble & Twist

Star 2 for acrobats aged 4 – 5 year olds
Star 3 for stars aged 5 – 6 years old

Tumble & Twist is an energetic, exciting and upbeat combo class incorporating jazz dance and acrobatics. We teach lots of different jazz styles such as songs and dances from the musicals, cheerleading with pompoms, pretending to be jungle animals for floor work and start to build on flexibility & strength to learn how to kick as high as the ceiling and leap into the air! Our fantastic acrobatics programme is designed specifically by Acrobatic Arts and is fun, progressive and safe. Our acro stars will master forward rolls, cartwheel preparations and cobra stretch and work on balance and co ordination through obstacle courses and challenges. Our Tumble & Twist dancers even get to pop a special star on their progress cards once they have mastered a new skill! Perfect for kids who love to fling themselves around, jump off the sofas and roll around on the floor!


Once a dancer reaches 7 years old ballet is taken as a separate subject. Our ballet classes are designed to introduce your child to the magical world of ballet. We structure our classes using hand picked exercises from the 3 major dance associations in the UK – IDTA, RAD and ISTD, ensuring your child has a well rounded ballet class and a positive experience from the beginning. Optional examinations are available with the IDTA as well as our ever popular bi-annual dance show held at Sheffield City Hall. Ballet offers a good technical foundation for all dance styles. It teaches good posture and poise, expression and imagination as well as working on strength, grace, musicality and self discipline.

We strongly encourage all our pupils to take ballet class.


Tap classes are great for developing good musical awareness, listening skills and is a great skill to add to a dancer’s knowledge. At Dance Unlimited as well as teaching the IDTA syllabus, we strongly believe in teaching different styles of tap including traditional, stomp style and American tap and regularly mix our classes up by using various music styles.

Street Dance

A fun class perfect for anyone looking for a recreational, energetic activity! Using the latest chart and pop music, children learn new and funky moves for both individual and group routines, for fun and for examinations and show work. Classes can be taken from 5 years old.


Our Jazz classes can be taken from Year 2 upwards. These classes work on developing flexibility in a safe environment as well as developing strength, pick up speed and different styles of dance. These skills are used to perfect turns, leaps, tricks & tumbles as well as developing choreography and general dance skills such as splits and kicks.

Acrobatic Dance

A fun, progressive class where tricks, tumbles, flexibility and strength are developed. Our Acro class is perfect for kids who are always leaping and cartwheeling around! We follow the Acrobatic Arts syllabus and children progress through the levels, ticking off their new found skills as they go. The classes work on developing flexibility for kicks, spits and leaps as well a strength for acrobatic tricks such as cartwheels, walk overs and head stands.

Lyrical Dance

A fusion of contemporary dance, ballet and theatre moves to form a dance class that modern, fresh and fun. This dance style has risen in popularity since TV programmes such as Dance Moms and So You Think You Can Dance and is great for developing self expression & confidence as well as flexibility and strength. Suitable for children Y2 -Y4.

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