Pre Teens And Teens Age 9 And Over

It is never too late to start to learn to dance. In fact, Miss Becky, Director of Dance Unlimited, did not begin dance classes until she was 9 years old. Our classes for pre teens and teens and engaging, motivating and work on making sure each pupil is dancing to the best of their ability, whether it be just for fun or more seriously as a potential career option.


At Dance Unlimited we follow the IDTA (International Dance Teachers Association) ballet syllabus as well as teaching free work and general work. We do not believe in just teaching exercise after exercise going from grade to grade. We build and develop all our pupils individual technique in a fun, motivational and creative way to ensure each and every class is engaging and productive, ensuring each pupil is working to the best of their individual ability.



We follow the IDTA syllabus for children’s Tap grades which are great for developing strong rhythms, good ankle actions and a solid understanding for tap dancing. As well as teaching the IDTA syllabus, we strongly believe in teaching different styles of tap including traditional, stomp style and american tap and regularly mix our classes up by using various music styles.


Street Dance/ Commercial Dance

A great, fun class where the fundamentals of street dance are taught. Using the latest chart and pop music, children learn new and funky moves for both individual and group routines. At Dance Unlimited we believe a varied and fun approach to street dance works best so not only do we work towards IDTA examinations in Street Dance, we also work towards showcases and competitions as and when as well as just dancing for fun! From aged 9 years, commercial style street dance is taught which further develops musicality, style and performance.

Modern Jazz / Theatre Craft / Acrobatics

These classes work on developing flexibility in a safe environment as well as developing strength, pick up speed and different styles of dance. These skills are used to perfect turns, leaps, tricks & tumbles as well as developing choreography and general dance skills such as splits and kicks.


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